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New Song Coming Soon!

2016-12-29 07:48:16 by TheRecreation

I'm posting another song again, for you all! I'm glad that my first two songs were repected, thanks to you all! But this one's gonna be a bit different. It's not going to be so intense, more of a harmonizing song. But since I can't resist making a drop, I'm making a drop :D How do you think of that? After this song, tell me if I should make more harmony songs or more dubstep songs. Comment down below .
Thank you all!

Oh Wow

2016-12-16 19:10:13 by TheRecreation

Ok so my inspiration is Seamless and some other users, as you may know. But I just found out that Seamless collabed with someone else (Voidtek) and created a song called Menace. My own name. I listened to it and it's different, thank god, but now everyone will think I copied Seamless. I didn't. I promise, even though promises don't say much xD

First Song Uploaded!

2016-12-09 16:39:42 by TheRecreation

Oh wow I'm so freaking stupid :D I figured out how to post stuff now so I posted my first intense dubstep (ish) song. Check it out, It's called Menace. Allowed for Geometry Dash. And my GD account is TheWilliamDash, in case that's mixed up. Comment pls, and don't gimme hate cause I'm stupid. I admit it xD thx everyone